Cafe Manila 8.6.6

Cafe Manila 8.6.6 Crack for Windows 7 Full Free Download

Cafe Manila 8.6.6 Crack for Windows 7 Full Free Download

Cafe Manila 8.6.6 Cafe Manila 8.6.6

We live in a technological age – everything around us is Internet and computers. Don’t get me wrong – this is not bad at all. The Internet has enormous amounts of benefits that have made our lives easier, more efficient and faster. Their days owning an Internet Café or a Cyber Café as many would call it is a booming business with a lot of opportunities. If you own such a property or if you are thinking about getting into this business, you need efficient software that helps you manage your business and there is no better program than Café Manila.

Key Features Cafe Manila 8.6.6

  1. Cafe Manila 8.6.6 for Windows 7 is an efficient program that helps you administrate and monitor all computers in your Internet Café.
  2. Cafe Manila 8.6.6 Serial Key tracks what amount of time is spent by every user on every computer.
  3. The program comes with two versions – server and client. The client version is installed on all guest computers and it is connected to the server version.
  4. The client version of the program runs in the background without interrupting the guests’ sessions.
  5. From the server, you can remotely turn on and off all guest devices and you can also monitor their status.
  6. For the client version, there is two options – prepaid and postpaid type of login.
  7. The prepaid one has fixed timeframe in which the client can use the computer while in the postpaid login, the time spent on the computer is monitored and at the end, the total payment is calculated.
  8. A useful feature is the ability to schedule appointments and make an agenda of the day.
  9. Cafe Manila 8.6.6 Key allows you to keep some of the computers free in specific hours of the day if you have regular clients.
  10. Full reports are also supported by the program. Those can include various things as computer usage, cash reports, employers and much more.
  11. The program is as easy to use as it is to have it installed.
  12. In which more ability to complete the every easy or complicated multiple problems or tasks at the same time without any difficulties.


Cafe Manila 8.6.6


Hard Disk: around 50 MB

Random Access Memory: roughly 256 MegaBytes

Operating System (OS): Window 8/8.1, Window 7, window 10, window XP, window Vista in 32 bits-64 bits.

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